Drying Principle

Different material characteristics determine the specific drying process. It is important to choose the right drying process. The “Rotary Harrow Three Cylinders Multiple-loop” drying is divided into three drying processes: first, second and third. The design process of each drying process is different, so as to adapt to the fluctuation of material moisture content in each drying stage. The whole process is integrated and controlled, the technology is advanced and mature, and the operation is stable and reliable.
Drying Principle
Putting the hot air and material into the first stage of drying equipment. There is a “Rotary Hollow Rolling Broken Device” in this stage, which breaks the material into scattered and “boiling suspended” state. With the hot air, the material will be keeping rolling, rotation and separation, and its surface will be dry, which can effectively prevent particles from clustering again. Thus the important transformation “high humid —→ not humid, high sticky —→ not sticky, high viscous to not viscous” is completed. With the function of Material Raising System, the material will be continuously threw and raised. The entire drying room will be filled by a complete material “curtain”, which can make the material abundantly and evenly contact with hot air, thus increasing the heat utilization and evaporation intensity.
With the effect of special Material Feeding and Raising System, the scattered material being discharged in the first stage will be sent to the second stage cylinder. However, water vapor produced in first stage is automatically discharged at the end of first dryer. The second stage cylinder adopts “Counter-Flow and Vortex Drying Technique”. It means the material being transported in reverse direction with fresh hot air flow. It can increase the turbulence intensity and the drying efficiency. At the same time, the heat diffusion is also fastened, then the water will be speed out. Thus the evaporation also speed up. Water vapor is discharged at the end of the second dryer. However, the material is automatically sent into the third dryer under the action of specific material pushing board.
The third cylinder adopts ”Inter-flow plus Reciprocating Drying Technique. Under the action of hot air and material pushing board, the wet material moves slowly and reciprocating, while the dry material moves in advance and fast. Material will be discharged automatically when they are dry enough as request.