Waste Heat Utilization

The boiler flue waste heat using technology is utilizing boiler flue waste heat to dry materials, so that resources are fully used. It costs nothing to use such exhaust air, and no secondary pollution, which solves the dilemma of high cost but low benefit operation in the field of material drying. Enterprise can organically integrate the entire enterprise chain and merge into total circulation which comprehensively utilizes exhaust gas, waste heat, waste residue and sludge, and use all possible resouces in the industrial chain.
Drying Principle
It will take high operating efficiency and solve the sharp conflict between environment and the enterprise development. It meets the basic principles of "Energy saving and environmental protection, resource recycling” in circular economy, while completely solves corporate pollution. The boiler flue waste heat using technology makes the drying process be resource, reduction and harmless, and creates a win-win effect for enterprise development and environmental protection.
Drying machine within the guide material system and anti-material system to promote each other, complement each other, constitute the entire chain of action system, linkage integration operation. Waste heat, Material Feeding and Raising System, anti-guiding system promote and complement each other and constitute the entire linkage system. In the whole drying process, the volume and temperature of hot air in each stage dryer are adjusted based on the fluctuation of material moisture content. It uses the new design technique of “high + high + high”, “medium=medium=medium”, “low-low-low” so that material can always be dried in the ideal environment.
The whole process is harmony and orderly, greatly increases the production, and saves lots of energy and costs. It provides a guarantee for enterprises to realize full utilization of resource, waste reduction and harmless without invests on heat.