Introduction for ZJN Production line Bag Filter

2021-07-09 11:58

Bag Filter is kind of dry dust filter, suitable for trapping the fine,dry and non-fibrous dust, made of textile filter cloth or non-textile felt. The filter function of fibre fabric is used to filter the dust-containing gas. When the dust-containing gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and large proportion falls into the dust hopper due to gravity. When the gas containing smaller dust passes through the filter material, the dust is blocked and the gas is purified.

The structure of bag filter mainly consists of upper box, middle box, lower box (ash bucket), ash cleaning system and ash removal mechanism. Compared with similar products ,the dust removal will be more efficient ,than 99% ,handling the wide range of the blast capacity ,and it can be used for the duct gas remodel from various industrial furnaces and drying machinery ,reducing the emission of the air pollutants ,which has the advantages of simple in structure ,low cost ,easy maintain and operate .

At present ,the bag filter has been the main supporting product of ZJN Dryer production line, cooperating with the “Rotary Harrow Rolling Triple Level Multi-loop ” for the high humid and viscosity drying machinery.The dust remove well and the economic benefits is considerable .It has become the first choice of the domestic and overseas customers .


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Following article introduces the influence of the filter velocity to the dust remove efficiency and service life :

Filtering velocity is a an important technical and economical index reflecting the ability of the dust collector to deal with the gas .It has a great influence on the working and performance of the bag dust collector. On the premise of constant air volume ,increasing filtration rate can save filter(i.e. saving filter area )and improve the handling capacity of filter material .However,with the increase of filtration rate ,also the increase of equipment resistance ,energy consumption and operation cost increases .At present, too high filtration speed will compact the dust layer accumulated on the dust bag and increase the filtration resistance.

Because of the large pressure difference between the both sides of the bag,the fine dust will infiltrate into the filter material ,even through the filter material ,which will increase the dust content at the outlet. High filtration wind speed will also lead to the rapid formation of dust layer on the filter material, resulting in excessive dust remove ,increasing the energy consumption of dust remove ,and shorting the service life of bag dust-collector.

On the contrary , at a low filter speed ,leading to lower pressure loss and higher efficiency ,but increase the filter bag area , so the volume , area,the investment cost of dust collector equipment should be increased accordingly .

Therefore ,the selection of the filtration speed should be determined by the status of the fuel gas ,dust properties,dust concentration at the inlet,filter material types ,dust cleaning methods,working conditions etc.,Generally speaking,when handling the fine or difficult-to-collect dust ,high temperature of dust gas and dust concentration ,also the moisture content of the fuel gas ,the filtering speed should be lower .

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