Sludge control of the PPP model

2021-07-09 11:56
Sludge dryer

A South Korean environmental company, is trying to solve China's decades of sludge disposal chronic illness. As a residual product after the sewage treatment, the composition and source of the sludge are very complex and often contain toxic, harmful, refractory organic matter and heavy metals. In the memory of Wang Ji-rong, vice chairman of the Eleventh National People's Congress, since the beginning of her contact with environmental affairs in 1983, "urban sludge treatment has always been a heavy topic that the environmental protection department does not open and avoid." However, the "economic" reporter in the recently held in China and South Korea urban environmental management technology and project cooperation and exchange meeting learned that at present, South Korea produced tens of thousands of tons of municipal sludge every day, is no longer a big headache to make the environmental department of trouble, But has become an important local development of renewable energy raw materials.

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