How to choose a suitable drying machine?-- 2

2021-07-05 17:41

Standard of Choosing Drying Equipment

It is a difficult and complex problem to choose a suitable dryer for clients with drying request. They have to consider all factors, such as material feature, heat-supply method, drying medium, etc. Since materials and drying requirement are various, it is impossible to have one universal dryer to meet all requirement, only to choose the most suitable drying method and dryer form.

 How to choose a suitable drying machine

1. Factors should be taken into consideration:

(1) material properties

a. Physical characteristic; b. Chemical characteristic(causticity); c. Toxicity; d. Flammability; e. Material particle size; f. Material hardness.

(2) Material drying details

a. Water type (bound water, unbound water, or both); b. Current and target moisture content; c. The highest drying temperature allowed; d. Particle size of finished product; e. Color, sheen and smell of finished product.

(3) Recycling problem:

a.Dust collecting; b. Exhaust recovery.

(4) Feasibility problem of installation site:

a. Size of space where dryer is placed; b. Electric energy and type of fuel which can be used to generate hot air; c. Dust exhaust standard. d. influence of noise on surrounding environment. e. drying procedure connection;

At last, a good scheme should be presented, including total cost of equipment, dryer quality, environmental index, safety factor, installation and overhaul, after service etc. Besides, laboratory experiments should be conducted, to prove whether it is the most suitable (that means feasibility study).

 How to choose a suitable drying machine

2. Procedure of choosing a dryer:

Firstly, make material characteristic clear; Then conduct drying experiments to ensure drying kinetics and transfer characteristic; Thirdly, to ensure dryer size, further for cost accounting; Finally, make sure dryer form. If several dryers are all applicable, to calculate the invest cost and running cost so as to choose the best scheme.

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