Use Brewery Spent Grains for Processing DDGS

2021-07-09 12:01

China is a large producer and consumer of beer. So the annual output of brewery spent grains is very high. The brewery spent grains contain many malt husks and starch, and protein content is about 22% to 48%. It is excellent ddgs feed for breeding and livestock husbandry. Besides, brewery spent grains also contain rich crude protein and crude fiber and trace elements.

After drying, these grains are good materials for animal/ poultry feed processing. In this way, it can not only save food, but also reduce environmental pollution. After dehydration, fermentation and a series of processes, the malt protein powder with 50% to 70% protein contains, which has high nutritional value.


At present, the shortage of feed resources, especially protein feed resources, has become an important limiting factor for the development of feed industry in our country. Beer residues have the characteristics of high protein contents and high amino-acid contents. It has broad application prospects as a raw material for feed. However, the current actual utilization situation is: only a part of malt sprout and brewer's grains are used as roughage to feed livestock directly. Most of the malt husks and brewer's grains are discarded or discharged directly into sewers, which resulting in great waste, but also caused environmental pollution. Therefore, the active development and utilization of the waste residue from the beer industry can get double benefit.

The main reason for this situation is that beer residue high mositure and high viscosity. With traditional rotary dryer, the costs of processing and drying is too high, but can not reduce the product moisture in an ideal level, as well as damage the nutrition contains due to poor temperature control.

To meet the market demands, ZJN particularly developed and researched “Rotary Rake Rolling Triple Passes Multi-loop” and “Automatic Turning Rake and Segmented Combination” technologies, which well solved the problems in brewery spent grains drying process. The equipment uses “Rotary Harrow” and “Automatic Turning Rake” technology for separating of the materials, uses “Triple Pass Positive and Negative Materials Guiding System”, “Down-Flow Vortex and Alternating Reciprocating” technology in materials movement trends, also use “Triple Pass Multi-loop”, “Hot Air Distribution System”, “Big Volume of Hot Air with Low Temperature” patent technology in our drying system, our new drying system is favored by many enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, our equipment has been used to dry beer residues for many companies, such as Guangdong Dongguan Haipeng, Hefei Olijie Engineering, Chengdu Shuangliu Xxinxin Feed Mills, Luohe Nande Beer, Hubei Zhijiiang Huarun Beer, Hubei Xiaogan Jinlongquan, Hubei Yuanrun and Beijing Yanjing Beer.

Use Brewery Spent Grains for Processing DDGS

Among them, Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, is one we have long-term business relation, Yanjing has several branch company. It is one of the largest beer groups in China with the top eight beer sales in the world and the 500 best in the country Economic benefits of industrial enterprises, China's top 100 enterprises sector.

Yanjing Beer begin to use our dryer with “Cocurrent Vortex and Alternating Reciprocating” “Triple Pass Multi-Loop” technology for brewery spent grain processing since 2006. They’ve used several sets of equipment from us till now, 2 sets for Linquan Branch in 2007 and 2009, 1 set for Kunming branch in 2010, 1 set for Yulin branch in 2013, 1 set for Guizhou in 2013. Besides, their branches in Zhumadian, Suiping and Jiaozuo of Henan province also used several sets of equipment from our company. In particularly, Linquan branch specially introduced our unique designed equipment for drying high humidity and viscosity materials, the equipment used the technology of “Rotary Rake Rolling and Triple Pass Multi-Loop”, and also used our patent technology of “Boiler Flue Waste Heat Recycling” , which received very good effect in sludge drying.

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