The principle of water evaporation

2021-07-12 11:51

It is well known that the process of drying materials is the process of evaporation of water. It is mistaken as that water evaporated only when it is boiling. This perceptual cognition is not comprehensive, because boiling is only a special case of water evaporation. In the natural environment, even at very low temperatures, water evaporation still also carry on. For example, in the cold winter, the wet clothes can also be dried in nature, just the evaporation is very slow.

So, what is the principle of water evaporation?

The principle of water evaporation

According to the principle of molecular kinematics, water molecules are constantly making random movements all the time. During this movement, some molecules will gradually gain greater kinetic energy. When achieved sufficient kinetic energy and near the surface of the water, they will fly out of the water and become vapor, but they will collide with other water molecules and some will return to the water and become liquid again. This movement will keep going on and on again. When more water molecules fly out than the water molecules that fly back, the water content will gradually decrease. That is the evaporation of water Experiments have shown that the movement speed of water molecules is directly related to temperature. The higher the temperature is, the faster the water molecules move, and the more water molecules will fly out. But if this happens in a relatively stable environment, most of water molecules only repeatedly switched between vapor and liquid, so the evaporation rate is very slow. While if the water molecules that fly out and the water molecules that are free from water surface encounter strong wind environment, the water molecules will be blown away quickly, and the evaporation rate will also increase by several times or even decades times. Therefore, the rate of water evaporation is more directly influenced by the outside wind speed.

The principle of water evaporation

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