Benefits of using sludge dryer and how to select equipment

2021-07-09 11:59

With the rapid development of economy, more and more enterprises begin to use sludge drying machine to treat the industrial sludge produced in the industrial production process. So why choose the sludge dryer? Where are the benefits of using the equipment? And how to select the equipment? Today, I will take you to understand these knowledge.

 Benefits of using sludge dryer and how to select equipment

First of all, the advantages of using sludge dryer are introduced.

1. Due to the high water content and high viscosity of sludge, it contains a lot of harmful substances such as pathogenic bacteria, parasitic eggs, and some sludge also contains heavy metals. If not treated, it will cause serious harm to the environment and indirectly endanger human health. The sludge drying machine can quickly remove the moisture in the sludge through high or low temperature, and achieve effective sterilization. The volume of dried sludge can be reduced to one third to one fifth of the original. Moreover, it can retain the original tissue components in the sludge, which can better realize the reuse of sludge resources.

2. The sludge can be greatly reduced through sludge drying machine, which can save the difficulty and cost of sludge treatment.

3. The volume of dried sludge is greatly reduced, which further reduces the storage space of sludge and reduces the subsequent transportation problems of sludge.

4. The dried sludge has a wide range of uses, which can be used for landfill, agricultural stacking, incineration, building materials production, and so on, so as to effectively realize resource reuse.

 Benefits of using sludge dryer and how to select equipment

Secondly, the user should follow the principle of selecting sludge drying equipment.

1. It is necessary to select the type of sludge dryer. At present, there are various types of drying machines in the market. Users need to consider the type of equipment according to their own drying demand and drying process.

2. Economy. Different types of sludge dryers have different drying costs and energy consumption. Users can compare the production efficiency of the equipment and the utilization rate of heat energy. As far as possible to select the equipment in line with their own production requirements.

3. Environmental protection. The environmental protection of sludge drying machine is also the key for users to select equipment. No matter in the production process or after the production, there is no exhaust emission, and the noise is low, and the working environment is clean and tidy.

4. Investigate the manufacturers of sludge drying machine. Users can select several manufacturers to compare the strength of manufacturers, the quality of equipment, the reliability, energy-saving, environmental protection, economy and after-sales service of the equipment, and then select the manufacturers that meet their own production needs.

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